Spamalot is our beetle inspired medium sized Computer Bug . She is created in shades of blue and lavender with circuit boards patterns imprinted on her delicate wings. Our Smashup team likes to boast that Spamalot is also a symbolic protector & guardian bug against spam and real-world computer viruses.

Each collectible comes with a name hang tag about each art piece and the Smashup Studio story. Spamalot comes with a hardwood base and metal post. 

Man Made, ReMade, ReCreated

We take the unused "trash" of the world, and make it into something beautiful. Our design team decided that to use a natural wooden base with recycled computer components was the perfect synergy of technology and natural elements working together.


    Dimensions:  Medium size/body & wings  4 1/2 X 31/2;  Each piece is handmade & slightly different.

    Materials:  galvanized metal with printed acetate; wire & beads; recycled computer components; hardwood base/metal post.

    Making: hand cut & hammered wings; woven copper/brass wire and beading;