Creating Unique Upcycled & Handmade Gifts

Upcycling isn't a trend - it's a way to make this world a better, cleaner place. Even more, it's a way to take the unused "trash" of the world, and make it into something beautiful. 

Smashup Studio is dedicated to repurposing and recreating E-waste, junk and once used materials, and turning them into unique creations and collectibles.  From the landfills…to us…to your home and office. Chicago designer, Carmi Y. Plaut (Chief Creative Smasher) is driven by the need to recycle, repurpose and recreate. “Our Motherboards are friends with Mother Nature.  Turning abundant E-waste into art is a passion.  So many people appreciate how we create home and office accents from repurposed materials.  They are not only wowed by the artistic interpretation/creations, but also are inspired by the message that we send out there.”

Smashup Studio is more than recycle and repurpose. Carmi and the Smashup team believe in 'smashing up ideas' to create and conceive of new and innovative home decor and designs. Products that people can sincerely relate to. Thinking out-of-the-box comes easily to Carmi with over 20 years of USA based product design. It started with a single product called a Prosperity Tree, which began the name of his original company. Many thousands of his designs and products have been distributed and sold worldwide and now sit in home's, museums and collections throughout the planet. Smashup Studio is the next generation design-to-art concept. We are passionate seekers looking to smashup both the old & the new, and to create meaningful products and processes.


Fair Trade

Our products are fair trade. What is Fair Trade?  Our products are made with respect to people, community and earth. We encourage safe, healthy working conditions, that protects the environment, enable transparency, and empower factories, communities and organizations to build robust, flourishing businesses. We support conscious creation and mindful consumerism.  Many of our products are made in the Philippines with people and factories we have known for years.  Our partners in the Philippines are audited regularly by an independent agency that deals exclusively with fair trade principles and endorses, embraces Fair Trade standards and compatibility. We promote improving and protecting the environment and the people who create our products.