Unique Gifts for Apple Lovers in US

When will the SmashUp collection be available?

We have been busily setting up our production lines and sourcing raw recycled components. We anticipate beginning to ship in mid to late November.

Where do we make our products?

We manufacture with a factory in the mountains in northern Philippines.  We have worked with this factory many times and know theme to be socially, community and environmentally conscious. They are also great people and treat their workers like family. They are not only hand skilled artisans but have amazing creative insights how to make things wonderful.

What kind of wood do we use to carve our fruits with?

We don't use just one type of wood.  We source out woods that are remnants and wood that is used by local industries and crafters.  We do not harvest wood or buy trees that are from unknown sources. Some of the common wood we use is mahogany, mango and acacia.

Where do we get our recycled components?

We use a local computer parts recycling center for our motherboards. A few hours from the factory. For other recycled 'stuff' we get from many sources and outlets. Everyone wants to dump their old stuff on us! We pick and chose based on what our projects look like and hope to be.

Are you Fair Trade?

Yes! The factories are audited regularly by an independent agency that deals exclusively with fair trade principles and endorses, embraces Fair Trade standards and compatibility. We promote improving and protecting the environment and the people who create our products.