Pear Byte-Natural


Hand carved pears embedded with recycled motherboards.  This natural acacia apple is hand carved and polished to look like a real apple. The insides are repurposed with recycled computer circuit boards and accented with brass. Each is a unique upcycled creation and a wonderful artistic home accent or desk accessory.  A unique gift for any tech loving person, teacher or lover of the Big Apple. Each collectible comes with a hang tag about our product, the designers signature and Smashup Studio story.

Unique Apple Gifts for All Tech Lovers

What makes a unique gift to us?  Bringing unique materials together that are a combination of 'the manufactured' and 'the natural'. Our art is to smashup and repurpose disregarded e-waste and fashion it into art.


    Dimensions:  3 1/2 x 3 3/4 x 3 1/ 2  Each is unique, sizes slightly vary.

    Materials: Acacia wood; Brass trim and stem; recycled motherboards.

    Making: Hand carved apple; hand painted; repurposed materials.