Banana Byte


Our Banana Byte is what we refer to as out-of-box Smashup Studio design.  We wanted to design a banana that 'tastefully' showed a peak of recycled motherboards inside.   The combination of recycled computer components and window glass shards, make this Fruit Byte a one-of-a-kind gift and upcycled collectible. Repurposing window glass 'the old fashioned way' is a creative process that takes many stages and creates an amazing decorative design statement on our Banana Bytes.  More than a impressive conversation piece. Each handmade piece is slightly different and a totally original gift.  Each collectible comes with a hang tag about our product, the designers signature and the Smashup Studio story.

A Banana Peel with a New View

Our Glass Mosaic Collection brings together varied unique recycled and repurposed computer components. Glass shards are carefully polished and refinished to be delicately fitted together like a puzzle on each banana. The process of creating a unique mosaic utilizing recycled window glass shards is not a quick process. It takes lots of handwork and great eyes sight for this process to succeed.  


    Dimensions:   Each piece is unique, sizes slightly vary.

    Materials: Recycled motherboards; Upcycled banana - recycled shell coating, plastic molded, repurposed window glass; Brass stem; 

    Making: Hand painted; hand polish window glass; Repurposed motherboards