Meet SpyBug, a really cool dragonfly inspired computer art sculpture. Designed in blue/green earthtones accented by semi-transparent wings and a complimentary recycled motherboard. Our Smashup Studio team designed each art pieces as more than just a upcycled art sculpture. She is a Computer Bug that symbolically protects against all world tech viruses and computer infections. A really unique desk accessory and cool tech gift for both men and women.

Every Computer Bug collectible comes with a personal hang tag about each art piece, the designers signature and the Smashup Studio story.  SpyBug comes with a hardwood base and metal post.   

A Computer Bug to Cherish

Turning abundant E-waste into art is a passion.  So many people appreciate how we create home and office accents from repurposed materials... inspired by the message that we send out there. 


    Dimensions:  Medium size/body & wings  4 1/2 X 31/2;  Each piece is handmade with recycled components & are slightly different. 

    Materials:  Galvanized metal with printed acetate; wire & beads; recycled computer components; hardwood base/metal post.

    Making: hand cut & hammered wings; woven copper/brass wire and beading;