MegaByte is named for the love of big data. This X-Large Computer Bug has delicate wings in the palette of blues and greens, and a body shape very similar to a real insect. She is one of the bigger bugs we make and this will surely bring a smile to anyone who loves cool tech gifts and upcycled art. We like to boast that each bug is also a symbolic protector & guardian bug against real computer viruses and infections. We all need as much virus protector as possible!

Each collectible has a name hang tag about each art piece, the designers signature and the Smashup Studio story.  Computer Bug come with a hardwood base and metal post.  For creative gift ideas Megabyte is supreme.

An Exceptional Computer Bug for Wall or Table

Each sculpture comes with its own individual name and tech identity..."no updates or scans needed with our guardian Computer Bugs".  We love to say that our collection of Computer Bug Artworks are also symbolic protectors & guardian bugs against real computer viruses and infections.


    Dimensions: X-Large Bug/body & wings  6  X  8;  Each piece is handmade & slightly different.

    Materials:  galvanized metal with printed acetate; wire & beads; recycled computer components; hardwood base/metal post.

    Making: hand cut & hammered wings; woven copper/brass wire and beading;